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Welcome to Teach A Child

Teach A Child is a non-profit organization that provides access to education for underprivileged students across Lebanon, by covering all the expenses related to their education. Established in 2011, Teach A Child supports today 1204 students with 149 students in universities and 177 students in vocational institutions. Strongly believing that no child should be left at the risks of illiteracy, our goals are to:

Educate every deprived child in Lebanon.
Maintain the support for our current students.
Expand funding for university and vocational education.
Advocate for compulsory education in Lebanon.

Our Vision

With a strong belief that education is crucial for social and economic development, Teach A Child acts to:


Provide access to education to underprivileged children by removing all financial barriers and covering all costs related to their education.


Continue funding & supporting graduating TAC students to pursue university and vocational studies through comprehensive financial support.


Cover remote & deprived areas and support all children in need without any discrimination.


Lobby for the effective implementation of the law on compulsory education.


Enhance the experience of children in public schools by improving school infrastructure, equipment, and information technology.

Our Work

Our Organization, which is composed of 20, devoted volunteer members and 3 dedicated employees, works with a network of over 187 educational institutions all over Lebanon. Members maintain relationships with governmental bodies -such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education- community stakeholders, mayors, community activists as well as other NGOs and individuals to identify disadvantaged children

Our tasks include:

  • Registering students and following up on their individual performance.
  • Collaborating with private schools and universities to spread awareness about our organization and to advocate for education.
  • Visiting schools, social welfare offices, and students' homes to maintain personal contact with students and their families.
  • Ensuring students complete their schooling through regular encouragement and follow-up.
  • Preparing students to continue their education in universities.
  • Funding and encouraging our graduating students to pursue university or vocational studies through comprehensive financial support.


Teach A Child started in October 2011 with 47 families from all across Lebanon enrolling 105 children in public schools. Today, Teach A Child enrolls 1204 students in over 187 educational institutions all over Lebanon, including 177 students in Vocational schools and 149 students at Universities. We hope to teach more children in need hence fighting illiteracy, child labor, and child abuse. The need is huge but with our donors and supporters, we thrive daily to make a difference.


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